Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Final Solution: Cryptocurrency


photo: Martin E. Walder

“Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” says Satan in Paradise Lost. It was a quote cited by Steve Bannon in Errol Morris' controversial American Dharma, a film that unintentionally lionized the former White House strategist. Apparently, the stock market itself partakes of the satanic. While monstrous suffering affects Americans all over the country, who have been hit with the comorbidity and perfect storm of coronavirus and racial inequality, the market has taken on a life of its own, an alchemical elixir which resembles a little what Faust was seeking when he made his bargain with Mephistopheles.Value-free economics has always been the mantra of the free market but now evil has become the lingua franca of the American Dream minting its own cryptocurrency whose fungibility is only based upon marketability. In as much as the coronavirus has chastened the human race, it’s also produced a counterreaction in which death tolls and consequences, now are treated as fake news.

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