Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Your Save the World Campaign

Earth from Apollo 17
Have you ever taken matters into your own hands and decided that you were going to really do something, about the state of things, that is? Right there and then you were going to plant your stake in the ground, if only it were to do one thing that turned the tide against a wave of empathy, regression or destruction. Most times you get an impulse, but you lose your mojo. Some other day you say. Tomorrow you'll put your version of the Ninety-five Theses up on the church of humanity’s door. Tomorrow comes and of course there are the bills, your child has a fever and you get one of those  notices generated by computers which are ill-equipped to answer the fine points of your questions. But then there's that one moment you've been waiting for. You have gone around the corner to get a cup of coffee and that first gulp tastes good and boom, on the heels of the caffeine rush you realize you're going to do something even though you have no idea what it is. And you’re right. Effortlessly a thought comes to your mind. Why hadn’t you ever considered something so simple before. It’s a small thing, but if the world’s 7.53 billion people all contributed one simple helpful act, something as small as picking a cigarette butt off the street, then the planet would be a better place. In your case, it turns out to be what you’re not going to do, which is to get angry at someone in your life for being who they are. You're going to force yourself to be glad they’re them. Your revelation, homegrown truth or simple realization, is you wouldn’t want them to be any different.

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