Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Final Solution: Getting Into Stirrups

stirrup (photo: BLW)
There are two classes of people who're likely to be getting into stirrups. Cowboys or cowgirls who are mounting a horse and women having gynecological exams. But the stirrup has possibilities. Imagine the president of the United States showing his solidarity with women by giving his State of the Union in stirrups or even imagine him mounting a horse in place of a golf cart. Our modern governmental situation requires some degree of imagination in order to figure out how both houses of congress, the executive and the judiciary work can together instead of allowing things like government shutdowns to happen. What's interesting about the stirrup is the innuendo. The kind of stirrups that women or cowboys step into is a noun, but when used as a verb the word is synonymous with looking for trouble. Perhaps if politicians spent their time getting into stirrups they wouldn’t be able or even desirous of being so contentious and divisive.

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