Friday, September 14, 2018

Is God a Narcissist?

Baruch de Spinoza
To some extent man is ultimately a limited creature who can only conjure himself. Religions try to offer alternatives, but remember for instance the idea from Genesis that God made man in his image. That’s an interesting form of narcissism that borders on idolatry. You do see the legacy of varying epigones who populated the landscape with statues in their own images, but they're not the kind of people you normally look up to. In other words man’s conception of God is man, rather than something which could never be imagined. In terms of crowd control this makes sense. You read varying religious texts like the Bible for direction which means positing a prime mover and first cause who can somehow be embodied. Buddhists talk about giving up worldly wishes and desires, but the statues of the Buddha are everywhere in countries where that religion is practiced. Let’s say there's a God. Who is to say that it, she or he plays any role in human affairs or the creation of humans who are only a minuscule part of he universe? Who is to say that God is some kind of celestial 911 operator fielding emergency calls for help? Prayer is a wonderful respite from self, but who's to say that God and prayer even go together. Perhaps praying is one thing and God is something else that it's not in the province of humans to understand. 

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