Monday, August 27, 2018

Little Nothings

Very few cosmologists breach the question of what occurred before the big bang. If there were no particles in the ether of the infinitely smaller universe that existed at the beginning of time, how to describe the void? Was it still a multiverse, albeit composed of infinite layers of emptiness? And how is it possible to conceive of a beginning? Such ideas strain the limits of imagination, even for those who toy with notions of higher beings and creators. It’s as if particle physics and the Large Hadron Collider were just the icing on the cake or the tip of the iceberg of something far grander whose essence no scientist in their right mind would even dare to touch. However does the inexplicable necessarily beg the question of divinity or is it just that there are no tools to explain the varying levels of nothingness that describe space before there was anything. It’s comforting to fill emptiness with spirits and terrifying to consider the notion of something lacking in any describable characteristic, including duration.

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