Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sperm Count: Why Our Current Generation of Porn Actors Are Tongue-tied

"Wolfman (Close-Up)"  by Jeff Koons 
Have you ever watched a scene from a porn loop or movie where the actors are tongue-tied? The days of the major porn features like Debbie Does Dallas, Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat, with their scripts and humorous conceits are long past. Boogie Nights dealt with a different kind of pornography than is being produced today and stars like Sasha Grey and Stoya are super novas of a generation that began with colorful figues like La Cicciolina, the former wife of Jeff Koons, who ultimately became a member of the Italian parliament. Today porn is more ubiquitous and populist in a way. Everyone is turning their life into a porn film and there are plenty of sites to host unscripted material with low production values and even lower bars in terms of what is permissible or not. It’s not uncommon to find a pair of naked dominatrixs getting ready to sit on the face of a submissive male, but at a loss for words beyond the almost perfunctory sounding “eat it” or “get your tongue up there.”  Even though it's unlikely you have to spend anything to watch, you almost feel like interrupting to ask if they can’t do better than that. Remember the good old days when S&M really came to life and people believed they were actually killing their egos when they subsumed their being to a higher authority. Porn has to return back to the principles of method acting where actors dig into their psyche's to create a role. The sluts on todays porn sites may be simply playing themselves, but they evince none of feelings of shame and transgression against God and society that motivated their predecessors. Todays aspiring porn actors have nothing to say. Glory days or glory hole?

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