Thursday, June 9, 2016


The problem is you may not like joining a lynch mob, even one that is trying to stop a lynching. Trump has become too easy a mark. If you inhabit a major city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York which tends to vote democratic, Trump bashing has become the default mode. It’s now degenerated into a form of small talk that replaces sneezing in allergy season and it’s frightfully boring. It’s not necessarily the things that Trump says that are so annoying (they're simply inane), it’s the way they dominate conversation creating their own kind of reverse fascism. You have your Trumpeters and your anti-Trumpeters and they both like to blow their horns; they’re equal opportunity employers. Yes it’s bad that Trump calls reporters sleazy, wants to prevent Muslims from entering the country and, even though he retracted it, said that there would have to be a punishment for women who had abortions, but what’s worse is having to tolerate the tedious and self-congratulatory outrage of those who take umbrage at the latest Trumpet--aka Trump tweet. No one said that Trump isn’t dangerous. Yet going after him feels curiously like beating a dead horse. Back in Weimar days did the supporters of the more moderate von Hindenberg talk about Hitler the same way in the bierstube? Were there cries of “there goes Adolf trying to silence his critics again?” every time Hitler filled a stadium with his increasingly raucous followers? And was it just as useless as the current outpourings of informed contempt? There’s only one person who’s going to defeat Donald Trump. Guess who ("Criticism grows over Trump's comments about judge, as Democrats AND Republicans condemn mogul," New York Daily News, 6/7/16)? And what’s required is finding the best way to move him from stale to chessmate.

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