Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sperm Count: Where Do the Republican Candidates Stand on Sex Trafficking?

Many perfectly well meaning men and women are opposed to sex trafficking. But who is going to supply the prostitutes? It’s an issue that neither of the three front running candidates for the Republican nomination have answered amidst all the jockeying for king of the road. Recently Donald Trump got into trouble when MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked him if he would punish women who got illegal abortions ("How Chris Matthews tripped up Donald Trump on abortion," The Washington Post, 3/31/16). But how would the current front runner in the race for the Republican nomination answer the question about prostitutes and how would it impact on his declining popularity amongst women voters? It’s always been said that Donald Trump shoots from the hip and on the basis of other things he's said, one might think he would come out against sex trafficking in that it would be another example of filling our markets with low priced foreign labor that puts Americans out of jobs. One would guess that many sex workers inadvertently traipse through Trump properties as they ply their trade. However, if you allow in slaves who can undercut the market, then many of these hard working call girls, gigolos and exotic dancers will be out of jobs. On the other hand it’s unclear whether the United States itself produces enough domestic sex workers to service the needs of 25-45 demographic which accounts for the good part of the pay-for-sex market. If there's a scarcity of sex workers, then prices are going to skyrocket to a point where even the modest pleasure of glory hole fellatio is going to be out of the reach of many salaried blue collar workers.The  three candidates for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich should all be asked what they think about sex trafficking and it’s a question that even Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton should be urged to address.

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