Monday, January 25, 2016

Trump v. Sanders For the Heavyweight Title

Wouldn’t it be great if the 2016 election ended up pitting Donald Trump against Bernie Sanders? To begin with these two candidates who were deemed unelectable by most pundits? Yet now Trump is prevailing against Cruz with the help of Sarah Palin whose verbal hijinks would make her a great candidate for Restoration comedy and Bernie Sanders is just prevailing.The race would essentially be David versus Goliath, the representative of the little man with all his failings and foibles against the Ubermensch, the symbol of big business who represents the notion that might is right. Trump is just a slightly more crass version of Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark, the hero of The Fountainhead. Roark was an architect and Trump is a developer, but they’re pretty close. On the ideological level Sanders represents socialism and Trump free market capitalism. It’s Adam Smith versus not Marx but maybe someone like Fourier. If the matchup turns out to be Clinton versus Cruz you get a far less black and white scenario and hence something lacking in the superhero effect that would be the result of the combat between two contenders who are basically New Yorkers (something which would parenthetically afford some poetic justice after Cruz’s dismissive remarks about Big Applers during the last debate). In essence the Sanders/Trump fight card is Brooklyn vs Queens since that’s where both candidates respectively emanate from and that has to say something about the state of the nation. Lastly, what is the mathematics of electing two supposedly unelectable candidates? The British bookmakers, famous for making odds on almost anything, will be working over time on this one.

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