Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Venus de Milo
Mooning is looked at as adolescent behavior. What is the point of putting your ass in the windshield of a car—something which could cause an accident? Even streaking seems to have lost its popularity. Princeton used to have a streaking team, but it was done away with several years ago. Exhibitionism is now looked at as clownishness, as is the case with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square who has become as sorrowful as the Midnight Cowboy played by Jon Voigt in the film classic of the same name.. But when you come down to it nudity plays a function that's rather profound. When you take off your clothes, you are rehearsing for the spiritual strip tease by which you remove the veils, the lies, the subterfuges upon which you hide. Nudity is to honesty what the Zen bench is to meditation. Know thy self is the expression and what better way to know and be known than to undress. What are we besides the adornments that identify us as adherents to this or that rung on the ladder of this or that position on the food chain? Get naked and find out. A law should be passed where one day a year those who wish to take their clothes off and parade around in public are given immunity from indecent exposure. One thing is certain, in our materialistic age, no one is likely to have the imagination to praise the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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