Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Stars Our Destination I

Someday the earth will be like one of those towns on the South Shore of Long Island, like Long Beach or like Broad Channel in the Rockaways which have been hit one time too many. It will be the result either of some external force like the asteroids which caused the ice age or the problems will emanate because of the way carbon emissions in the upper atmosphere and the consequent Green House effect have caused a catastrophic shift in our weather profiles. Someday the inhabitants of the earth will be in the position of the German Jews at the time of Hitler. There were those who couldn’t believe in the prospect of annihilation and those who escaped with a few possessions just before the gauntlet was lowered. But how will the migration take place and what will be the latter day vessel, the Noah’s Ark, into which people and animals will escape? And where will civilization go? The only mildly hospitable planet in the solar system is Mars. The others are either too hot or too cold and even Mars is a trek. If we talk about going further out into our galaxy of the Milky Way, we are talking about some kind of migration taking place over generations. It would be biblical in scope. But the forty days and nights would probably be changed to light years and many life times would be spent in travel to the new found land. The science fiction writer Alfred Bester’s famous tome is The Stars My Destination. The question is: when it’s time to move, which one will we shoot for?


  1. jylle benson-gaussApril 30, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    If hubris wasn't our predominant species characteristic, we wouldn't have to move at all.
    I once had a boss who was the laziest man in the world. He was the best boss I ever had. Because he was lazy, he worked like a bastard to make sure that everything was set up to run without crises--no 3a.m. emergency phone calls with heroic measures for him, he just wanted a guaranteed good night's sleep. Because of this, it was a great place to work because potential problems were headed off; everyone could relax and do their jobs.
    My point is, I'd rather not have an epic migration of humanity, please. I'd rather we wised up and could all live happily here, for the next seven generations at least.

  2. Disagree. It may be time to go.

  3. jylle benson-gaussApril 30, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    In that case, I insist on bringing my dog. And my bff is going to insist that her horses come, too.


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