Monday, July 2, 2012

Lives of Our Leaders: The President and the Intern

What does it feel like to be a White House intern and give fellatio to the president of the United States? Only a groupie who followed one of the great rock bands like Van Halen could probably answer the question, though the recent four hour PBS documentary Clinton indicates that the 11 years after the end of the Clinton presidency, the shockwaves of the incident have not been eradicated. This is not a matter of morality or consequences for either a president or an intern. Rather it’s a question for neurologists who examine the central nervous system and the question is, what is the effect of an enormous psycho-sexual event on the synapses, axons and dendrites which make up the pleasure centers of the brain. We know that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for so called executive functioning and that pleasure emanates from the amydala or so called mid brain area, but when a major historical figure unzips his fly and allows an oral sexual event to take place with someone who could only become part of history because of this event itself, then there is something causing the great historical figure and the person who is still just the equivalent of protoplasm to throw caution to the wind. Is it the actual distance between the pleasure centers and the areas that are responsible for morality, ethics and conscience that’s the problem? FMRI’s are able to track how the brain responds to varying kinds of stimulation. However, the problem is that to study such an event you would need subjects with unimpeachable integrity willing to don an apparatus in advance of the transgression--a tall order indeed!

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