Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are There No Coincidences?

The two top stories in the news are the fates of flight 370 and the Crimea and the prospects for neither seems particularly hopeful. So what that someone in the cockpit programmed the plane to fly off its course. As much as the Times tried to make out of this “scoop,” (“Lost Jet’s Path Seen as Altered via Computer,” 3/17/14), it doesn’t lead us any further toward discovering the changed trajectory or the reason’s for it. Of course it did take about a week for the Malaysian government to enter the houses of the pilot or co-pilot and it’s hard to fathom the rationale for the delay. Traveling to the right column of yesterday’s front page of the Times, we read, “Putin Recognizes Crimea Secession, Defying the West.” But what can we really say about this? Obama and Putin are like two drivers with their chests pushed up against one another in an incident of road rage. Will they both return to their respective vehicles and simply drive away or will somebody actually get hurt? But the more profound question that those interested in the paranormal, who believe there are no coincidences, might ask is, are these two events in some way connected? One thing is certain they are both dead ends of one sort or another. NATO, the US and Russian will continue to be at loggerheads and the plane’s disappearance will continue to be a source of hope—though hope of what kind? Some day it will all make sense. The pieces of the puzzle will fit together. Hindsight is always 20/20 as the expression goes, but whether 370 crashed as a result of terrorism or malfunction, then the absence of the wreckage only prevents the families and friends of passengers and crew from getting closure.

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